Martin Adams is one of the most well known faces when it comes to BDO Darts and the three-time champion has now revealed he would become chairman of the organisation if given the opportunity.

The BDO has received lots of criticism in the past few weeks for lack of prize fund and ticket sales and leading players have called for Adams to replace current chairman, Des Jacklin.

He responded to this and admitted he’d give it a go and knows what needs to be done ultimately.

This includes on the move from Lakeside but he added that it wasn’t his decision and that he’d bring it back there in a heartbeat.

‘If the BDO wanted me to do it, if the counties who vote in the chairman and the board wanted it, I’d probably give it a stab,’ Adams said. ‘I’d probably give it more than a stab to be honest.

‘I know what needs to be done. At the moment [BDO bosses] are not getting it right.’

‘I think it was the wrong move,’ Adams said on Lakeside. ‘I can’t understand it. But it’s not my decision.

‘If I had the ability to drag it back there, I’d drag it back there now. The Lakeside is a special place for darts players and darts fans.’

PDC and future plans

Adams also spoke about the PDC and said that he’d sit down with Barry Hearn and tell him he’d move their event to potentially Easter to prevent both World Championships being played back to back.

‘There’s been a battle of the World Championships over the years,’ Adams said. ‘The PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) in their wisdom decided to put their World Championship before ours. In the battle of the World Championships, I think they’ve won.

‘I would sit down and have a chat with (PDC chairman) Barry Hearn, and say, “look, this is silly, this battle of the World Championships is silly. You’ve won, well done, we’ll move ours”.

‘I think we’d both get good audiences. At this time of the year, there’s only so much money people have got to spend. They’ve gone to the tournament that’s there first. They’re saying sorry, the second one, I can’t afford it.

‘What should the BDO do? Let’s not play it in January, Let’s move it further into the year. Maybe Easter will be a good time. There’s a bank holiday at Easter. Me personally, I’d go for that as our final weekend.’

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Author: Samuel Gill