Martin Adams is aiming for back-to-back MODUS Icons of Darts League wins and is going the right way about it after an unbeaten start to begin the penultimate day of the latest week.

Adams began with a commanding win over Jose Justicia 5-1 hitting a 95 average, it was soon back-to-back as he saw off Dave Parletti 5-2 who missed 12 darts at doubles throughout the contest.

Keane Barry who has been impressive so far in the MODUS Icons of Darts League was next to fall by the wayside as he lost 5-3 which saw ‘Wolfie’ remain top of the table.

Jarred Cole has also had an impressive start defeating Dave Parletti (5-0) and Jose Justicia (5-2) and is currently second. Boris Koltsov’s solitary game has been a win with a 5-3 win over Jose Justicia as well.

There will be 15 games a day which will be best of 9 legs with two Pools set to be involved as usual. It begins everyday as a result at 10:30 am running till 5:00 pm and sees live action continue.

The scores are recorded during matches via a webcam with this then uploaded to various scoring services and bookmakers who are all showing the action. The livestream is provided by organiser MODUS .

MODUS Icons of Darts League schedule

Friday July 3
Day Five (10:30 AM – 5:00 PM)

Jose Justicia (83.8) 5-4 (83.33) Dave Parletti
Martin Adams (94.77) 5-1 (77.64) Jose Justicia
Dave Parletti (82.68) 2-5 (87.13) Martin Adams
Boris Koltsov (83.67) 5-3 (84.4) Jose Justicia
Jarred Cole (93.94) 5-0 (84.96) Dave Parletti
Keane Barry (87.33) 3-5 (88.75) Martin Adams
Jose Justicia (80.89) 2-5 (90.68) Jarred Cole
Dave Parletti v Keane Barry
Martin Adams v Boris Koltsov
Keane Barry v Jose Justicia
Boris Koltsov v Dave Parletti
Jarred Cole v Martin Adams
Boris Koltsov v Keane Barry
Jarred Cole v Boris Koltsov
Keane Barry v Jarred Cole

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Author: Samuel Gill