The action is at the halfway point in the MODUS Icons of Darts League with Boris Koltsov leading the way so far winning three out of four matches.

So far, Koltsov has seen off Keelan Kay (4-3), Scott Marsh (4-1) and Darryl Fitton (4-2) with only a narrow defeat to Michael Warburton (4-3) the blemish on his record.

Warburton is currently second with four points from his two games; while Adams has claimed one win with a whitewash win over Darryl Fitton so far to begin his campaign.

There will be 21 games a day which will be best of 7 legs. Pool A will take part on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. It begins everyday as a result at 10:30 am running till 5:30 pm and sees live action continue for four more weeks than initially planned.

The scores are recorded during matches via a webcam with this then uploaded to various scoring services and bookmakers who are all showing the action. The livestream is provided by organiser MODUS .

Schedule MODUS Icons of Darts League

Monday May 25
Day One (10:30 – 18:00pm)

Darryl Fitton (83.38) 2-4 (84.28) Keelan Kay
Keelan Kay (85.29) 3-4 (88.57) Boris Koltsov
Boris Koltsov (91.48) 4-1 (80.37) Scott Marsh
Scott Marsh (75.53) 4-1 (72.87) Darryl Fitton
Darryl Fitton (71.97) 2-4 (82.38) Boris Koltsov
Keelan Kay (88.20) 2-4 (86.46) Scott Marsh
Boris Koltsov (81.68) 3-4 (87.31) Michael Warburton
Scott Marsh (93.00) 1-4 (94.54) Paul Nicholson
Martin Adams (85.89) 4-0 (73.52) Darryl Fitton
Michael Warburton (97.93) 4-3 (90.93) Keelan Kay
Paul Nicholson v Boris Koltsov
Scott Marsh v Martin Adams
Darryl Fitton v Michael Warburton
Keelan Kay v Paul Nicholson
Boris Koltsov v Martin Adams
Michael Warburton v Scott Marsh
Paul Nicholson v Darryl Fitton
Martin Adams v Keelan Kay
Michael Warburton v Paul Nicholson
Martin Adams v Michael Warburton
Paul Nicholson v Martin Adams

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Author: Samuel Gill