The PDC Summer Series will officially get underway on Wednesday at 3:30pm with all 229 Coronavirus test results coming back negative, PDC Chief Executive Matt Porter revealed.

Due to Coronavirus, the PDC had to create a so-called bubble around the PDC Summer Series; with players required to check into the hotel on the Marshall Arena complex by Tuesday evening.

All those involved were tested at a predetermined time slot. They then had to wait 12 hours at the minimum in their hotel room to find out their results.

Attendees will now wear a wristband as a result of the negative test; which must be worn throughout the event. They can now move freely within the bubble; this includes in the playing area, hotel and restaurant.

As a result, players can now for example enjoy meals in the restaurant in the morning and after games with fellow players albeit socially distanced; but they will not be allowed to stay in the playing area once they lose.


Author: Samuel Gill