The Dutch Open takes place next weekend with it known as one of the hardest tournaments to win due to the amount of entries that are involved. Mark McGeeney is the current defending champion and has won it for the past two years; but he will not be involved this year due to moving to the PDC.

3357 men have entered the tournament with 367 ladies by comparison taking part. There is also Men’s Pairs, Ladies’ Pairs, Para, Boys and Girls versions of the tournaments over the course of the weekend.
Of course as well as McGeeney, the likes of Glen Durrant and Scott Baker will not be involved meaning that there is scope for potentially a new winner in this years’ tournament.
3357 Men
367 Ladies
1585 Men’s Pairs
191 Ladies Pairs
44 Para
214 Boys 14-17
56 Boys <14
43 Girls


Author: Samuel Gill