The organisation for the Dutch Open Darts 2020 has received almost six thousand entries for the tournament in Assen, which will be played from January 31 till February 2.

Despite the event is no longer BDO ranked anymore, 5856 registrations were processed. That is only one less than last year at the Dutch Open Darts.

The number of entries for the men’s singles, men’s pairs, ladies pairs and paradarts is even higher than in 2019. The draw for the Dutch Open is expected later this week.


Men’s singles: 3373 (2019: 3357)
Men’s pairs: 1635 (2019: 1585)
Ladies singles: 356 (2019: 367)
Ladies pairs: 196 (2019: 191)
Paradarts: 82 (2019: 44)
Girls: 31 (2019: 43)
Boys (Under 14): 31 (2019: 56)
Boys (14-18): 152 (2019: 214)

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Author: Pieter