Gary Anderson and Corey Cadby will face off in the standout tie of the first round at the Brisbane Darts Masters in their first meeting since their UK Open final in 2018 which saw Anderson beat ‘The King’.

Anderson hasn’t had much game time in 2019 with injuries blighting ‘The Flying Scotsman’ but he said that he’s looking forward to facing off against Cadby and that with the added Australian crowd, it will be even better.

“I’m looking forward to playing Corey again, he’s a great lad and a talented player so having a go at him in front of an Australian crowd should be great,” said Anderson.

Cadby is looking forward to the clash also and said that he believes he can be as good as Anderson but that he will have to take his chances when he faces him. He added that he also hopes the Aussie crowd can give him a boost when he plays on Friday against the two time World Champion.

“Gary is one of the best players ever but I believe I can be as good and have to take my chances when we are on stage,” said the former World Youth Champion.

“I’m a proud Aussie and hopefully the crowd will give me the extra boost I need.”

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Author: Samuel Gill