Gary Anderson and Corey Cadby could be set to meet in the final of the UK Open and if statistics are anything to go by we should get that by the end of the night.

Out of the remaining semi-finalists in the UK Open, Cadby and Anderson lead in terms of averages; ‘The King’ has 96.

This is compared to his opponent Robert Owen who’s average is 92. Cadby loses out in terms of checkout out percentages over a certain amount. The same can be said for 2-40.

In addition, Cadby though leads in the amount of 12 darters he has hit this tournament as well as scores of 171-180 per leg.

In comparison, Anderson is completely different as he wins in every category. This is no surprise with ‘The Flying Scotsman’ being seen as a major favourite to win this evening.

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Author: Samuel Gill