Gary Anderson claimed victory with Peter Wright at the World Cup of Darts this past weekend but isn’t getting carried away in his comeback after returning to competitive action in Hamburg.

Anderson said though that he’s convinced that he’ll get back to where he was; when he claimed two TV titles in 2018. ‘The Flying Scotsman’ added that he will not retire ever; and that instead he will just wind down over the next few years.

He finally added that despite questions being asked if he will claim more titles; he doesn’t know if he will but he will be trying to add to his collection.

“There’s a long road ahead but I’ll get my game back to where it was about a year ago,” said Anderson.

“It’s going to be hard to get the match sharpness back; but I will enjoy it and as long as I’m enjoying it I will keep playing.

“I would never, ever retire because I’m a great believer that once you’ve said you’re going to retire and everyone knows you’re finishing then that’s it, you’re done; I will just wind it down a bit when the time comes.

He added: “I still say that I was a better dart player 15 to 20 years ago than I am now; but I think as you get older you get a bit wiser and take your time with shots rather than rushing up there.

“There’s a lot of questions to answer coming back. ‘Will I win another ProTour?’ ‘Will I get to TV finals?’; I don’t know the answers but I’m going to try and add to what I’ve done in the game.


Author: Samuel Gill