Kyle Anderson spends most of his year in England where the PDC circuit is mostly based but with his family being on the other side of the globe, it is hard for him.

Anderson who is currently at home admitted that his time at home puts everything into perspective in terms of what he has to go through.

“It is not that I am home in an hour after a tournament. I have to fly a day and a half, ”Anderson said in an interview with RTL Nieuws. “And if I have to play in the Netherlands, Germany or England in the evening, it is school time for my son, so I can’t even call him to wish him a nice day. At night when I come home, I can speak to him and ask what his day was like. ”

“It makes me miss being a father,” Anderson continues. “If the dart circuit had been a world tour, it would have been great. But it is actually a European Tour, and that is a pity for us as Australians.”

A solution could be that his family also comes to live in England, but that turns out to be not so easy.

“My wife has a good job here and my son has to go to school, of course. “When I am angry or disappointed, I can’t go home and stop being a darts player. I live my personal life and career at the same time. When I’m having a bad day, I can’t just ask my family to help me. ”

Because of Coronavirus, Anderson can now spend a long time in Australia with his family. Still, he wouldn’t hesitate to return to England once the darts circuit resumes.

“I had a good conversation with my wife and will come back to Europe if possible. I want to earn enough with darts and spend it here with my family. ”

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Author: Samuel Gill