Gary Anderson will play tonight in the first PDC Home Tour semi-final group which includes Dave Chisnall and Jelle Klaasen.

Anderson came through his group hitting a 110 average during a win over Luke Humphries showing some brilliance but despite that, he is still not comfortable with the concept but is coming round to it slowly but surely.

“Playing at home over the internet… I’ve found it quite hard,” he conceded.

“It’s been weird, because when I do practice, I usually have a couple of the lads around playing me. So you’ve always got someone in front of you, talking away to you.

“But there’s none of that. You throw your darts, then you work out some routine to wait until it’s your throw.

“You find yourself listening for the thud of the dartboard, so you know it’s your throw. It’s been kind of weird, it’s been hard to get into. But I think I’ve sussed it out now.”

‘The Flying Scotsman’ went on to say that he wants to win it to be the first but hopes that it will be the last online darts played if darts can resume shortly.

“It would be nice to win it, because it would be the first,” he continued.

“It was like winning the Phil Taylor Trophy. My name was the first one on that. That was a nice one to win.

“Hopefully this will be the first, and the last one, and everything gets back to normal soon!”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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Author: Samuel Gill