Gary Anderson ended up winning his third title of the year whitewashing Peter Wright at Players Championship 3 in Barnsley yesterday. This means 2 consecutive titles for ‘Ando’ after his UK Open triumph last weekend.

He spoke afterwards and sent a message by saying don’t write me off and that he can still bang heads. Anderson who is famed for playing down tournaments has seemingly got the drive.
As a result, don’t write off ‘The Flying Scotsman’ completing a clean sweep today.
“At the start of the day I was 5-1 down to Terry [Jenkins] and I don’t know how I won that,” said Anderson.
“I just want to get myself sorted. It’s hit or miss, I have good days then I have 20 bad days so I need to get more good days than bad days then I’ll be happy.
“I can still bang heads with the good ones.
“Don’t write me off, sometimes I feel like I’m being written off but I can still play.

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Author: Samuel Gill