Gary Anderson hit three straight legs to claim victory over Daryl Gurney in a brilliant late surge to win 7-5 in front of his home crowd in Aberdeen on the opening night of the Premier League.

Anderson said that it felt like he was back at the start of his career playing in front of his home crowd for the first time, the reaction he got was that good. ‘The Flying Scotsman’ also added that his game is improving all the time which was case and point against Gurney.

“Tonight felt like the first time I ever played in front of a big crowd, I’m still shaking,” Anderson admitted.

“I was struggling against Daryl, I can never get a rhythm against him, but I changed it up and thankfully it worked.

“I’m giving myself three months to get my game back, it feels like I’m learning the game again but I’m getting there.

“The crowd tonight was incredible, it’s a real pleasure to play in amazing venues like this in front of your home crowd. I’m going to enjoy tonight.”

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Author: Samuel Gill