Gary Anderson defeated Jeffrey de Zwaan in the final of UK Open Qualifier 4 yesterday in Wigan. This comes after he missed last weekend and has been suffering with an injury.

Anderson still produced some great darts throughout the entire day of action which ended with a 6-2 win over the Dutchman. He spoke afterwards and admitted he couldn’t believe he won. He also spoke about changing darts which he did so during the qualifier.

“It’s been good today,” said Anderson after the final. “I can’t believe it – I said I was just going to see how I got on this weekend and I’m struggling now!

“I couldn’t have imagined this at the start of the week but it’s great. The darts that I played with last night I played with for my first two games today, and then I changed back to my old darts and I played okay.”


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Author: Samuel Gill