Gary Anderson lost out in the final of the World Matchplay to Dimitri Van den Bergh this past weekend.

Anderson spoke following the defeat and didn’t laud praise on his own performance but is now looking ahead. He has spoke about changing his darts in the intervening few weeks before the Premier League returns.

“It definitely didn’t go well – it was terrible,” said Anderson following the final defeat.

“Dimitri stuck in – there were two bull finishes that he took that did hurt. He played well all week, hats off to him.

“That’s the way it goes. It’s my own fault, so I’ve got three or four weeks to get everything sorted.

“Even though I got absolutely stuffed up there, I’m actually quite happy. I know what preparation I’ve done, which has not been good, but I’ve scraped my way to the final so I’m over the moon with it.

“It’s my own fault, it’s up to me whether I want to sort it out. It’s maybe cheesed me off – I don’t really get cheesed off but it was a walkover for Dimitri.

“I do think I need to change my darts to slightly heavier, because these are dropping, sliding out of my hand. I need to have a different shape of dart I think, a few little tweaks.

“They sometimes say a change is what you need. I’ve got a lot of work in front of me.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill