The eleventh PDC Asian Tour event of the season has been completed with Seigo Asada claiming a third title of the season defeating Noel Malicdem in the final.

Asada saw off Dolreich Toncopanon 5-1 before defeating Teng Lieh Pu Po 5-3. He then edged out Noel Malicdem in the final who himself by getting to that point assured himself of a World Championship spot.

He as a result has confirmed his PDC World Championship spot himself but he could choose to go down the route he did last year of attempting to win the Japanese Championship spot.

This in turn would hand the place to either Royden Lam or Haruki Muramatsu depending on the outcome of proceedings this weekend.

PDC Asian Tour 11

Teng Lieh Pu Po 5-3 Alexis Toylo
Seigo Asada 5-1 Dolreich Toncopanon
Haruki Muramatsu 5-4 Paul Lim
Noel Malicdem 5-0 Yuki Yamada

Seigo Asada 5-3 Teng Lieh Pu Po
Noel Malicdem 5-0 Haruki Muramatsu

Seigo Asada 5-3 Noel Malicdem

Stefan Strassenburg/PDC Europe

Photo: Stefan Strassenburg/PDC Europe

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Author: Samuel Gill