Lisa Ashton has reached the final stage of the LDO Turkish Ladies Classic in Turkey. She will face Aileen de Graaf in the final.

Ashton defeated Paula Jacklin in the semi-final on Friday evening, after the beat Jo Clemens one round earlier in the quarter-finals. De Graaf edged out Marjolein Noijens and Trina Gulliver en route to the final of the LDO Turkish Ladies Classic.

The final between Ashton and De Graaf will be played on Sunday.

Jo Clements 2-4 Lisa Ashton
Laura Turner 3-4 Paula Jacklin
Trina Gulliver 4-3 Priscilla Steenbergen
Marjolein Noijens 0-4 Aileen de Graaf

Lisa Ashton 4-2 Paula Jacklin
Trina Gulliver 2-4 Aileen de Graaf

Lisa Ashton v Aileen de Graaf

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Author: Pieter