Nathan Aspinall saw off Vincent van der Voort on Monday night at the World Grand Prix but an issue with the cameras near the board blighted that.

Aspinall said that it helped him more than it helped the Dutchman and that he just stayed a bit more mentally focused than him.

He also set his stall out early and admitted that he is here to win and not just here to make up the numbers and that he is looking forward to his next test on Wednesday night.

‘I was surprised, he kicked off first leg straight away and I thought I was going to be in for a tight game. Lucky enough for me, there was a couple of issues on stage with the camera and it seemed to affect Vincent but were here to do a job and I capitalised,’ said Aspinall to TungstenTales.

‘It was horrific to be fair but it was the same for us both and luckily I stayed a bit more mentally focused than Vincent did.’

‘I wanted to make a good account. I think my finishing is what kept the average so high and to seal a game with no messing I was really happy and now I’m looking forward to Wednesday night.’

‘I’m here to win this tournament, not have an alright run and if I up my game at the start, there’s no reason that I can’t.’


Author: Samuel Gill