Nathan Aspinall of course claimed victory at the UK Open this year but had doubts in doing so and that was that in reality he would become a one-hit wonder in the end.

Aspinall added that he wanted to back up his World Championship run and didn’t want to become like previous players who have had runs in the events but not done anything as a result.

‘The Asp’ said that with ProTour wins and the World Series victory that he has fully proved that and that he hopes now that he will keep adding further titles.

“That was my big aim after the Worlds,” he told Sky Sports.

“My big target was to not become one of these one-hit wonders.

“People have had good runs in the World Championships before and, where are they now? They’re not even on the tour now, some people.

“I wanted to back it up. The perfect way to back that up was to win the UK Open, which was the dream come true.

“I never expected to win a major so early in my career, but I did.

“I’ve got to take that and build from it. Since then, I’ve had finals of Pro Tours, I won in America. I think I’ve definitely proved that I’m not a one-hit wonder, and I just hope now that I’ll keep adding more titles to my name, and hopefully one day become the world champion.”


Author: Samuel Gill