Another year has been concluded on the Challenge Tour with Michael Barnard being the runaway winner on the Order of Merit.

Barnard has also shown this form on the Pro Tour meaning that he is also high up in that Order of Merit and will be in Minehead as a result. He has also gained a World Championship spot and a Tour Card for next year.
Ted Evetts came second and performed well on both tours (Challenge and Development Tour) this year. As a result he claimed a World Championship spot through the Development Tour meaning Cody Harris will be at the Alexandra Palace.
Evetts though claims a Tour Card from the Challenge Tour, meaning Rowby-John Rodriguez is likely to capitalise and keep his Tour Card.

1Michael Barnard£11,600
2Ted Evetts£6,100
3Cody Harris£5,650
4Cameron Menzies£5,300
5Krzysztof Ratajski£4,200
6Andy Boulton£4,050
7Martin Atkins (Wigan)£4,050
8Dennis Nilsson£4,000
9David Evans£3,850
10Simon Preston£3,800
11Adam Huckvale£3,400
12Jamie Hughes£3,350
13Michael Rasztovits£3,150
14Jason Cullen£3,100
15Diogo Portela£3,050
16Jarred Cole£3,050
17Jonathan Worsley£2,900
18Yordi Meeuwisse£2,800
19Mark Frost£2,750
20Matthew Dennant£2,550
21Darren Beveridge£2,500
22John Davey£2,500
23Lee Budgen£2,400
24Jason Lowe£2,300
25Ryan Murray£2,250
26Barry Lynn£2,250
27Andy Jenkins£2,100
28Peter Mitchell£2,050
29Mick Todd£2,050
30Robert Rickwood£2,050
31Boris Koltsov£2,000
32David Pallett£2,000
33Dave Prins


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Author: Samuel Gill