Barry Hearn has said that the Auckland Darts Masters last weekend gave darts Down Under a ‘massive push’. The PDC Chairman said this after Kyle Anderson’s win over Corey Cadby at the weekend in the final which showed the strength and depth of Darts in Australasia.
As well as Anderson, Whitlock and Cadby being involved, the tournament also unveiled two new potential stars in Darren Herewini and Cody Harris both came close to knocking out their opponents in Phil Taylor and Simon Whitlock in particular.
Barry Hearn praised not only Simon Whitlock and previous Major Champion Paul Nicholson who are seen as flag bearers but also the two players alluded to who reached the final.
Hearn said to PDC.TV : “Simon was the first flag bearer for Australia, Paul Nicholson also had some success. Over the years we’ve watched local players come through the ranks, Kyle Anderson, Corey Cadby – this young, precocious talent – and who’d have thought that the final of the Auckland Masters would be between two unseeded players.
“This gives the game in Australia and New Zealand a massive push. The event showed that people can change their lives through darts, and here it was in the raw. 
“All we can do is give them the opportunity and fund the change in lifestyle. Kyle Anderson has earned over £30,000 in the last couple of weeks, but what does it lead to? Whitlock became a Premier League player and one of the world’s elite and he’s still there.
Hearn finally looked ahead to the future and in particular this weekends’ Melbourne Darts Masters and after last weekend anything could happen
“We’re very excited and we’re looking to the future, because who knows what’s going to happen in Melbourne this week? Will we see more Australian success? The fans are in for a treat, the TV viewers at Fox are in for an extravaganza.”

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Author: Samuel Gill