The BDO have seemingly moved to cancel most major tournaments this year including the World Masters and World Trophy, it has been revealed.

As expected, most events on the BDO calendar so far have been cancelled due to Coronavirus. With the news also coming out recently that their commercial arm has been put into administration; after Des Jacklin returned as chairman.

Most events including the Six Nations Cup and England Classic and Open Weekends have either been postponed or are yet to be cancelled. While for the World Trophy, World Masters and it’s requisite qualifiers; they have been cancelled as per the BDO calendar.

This move not only affects the two aforementioned majors, but also the Qualifiers for the BDO World Championship on October the 26th.

There has been no indication as of yet whether this will affect the World Championship itself. But with crowds not expected for some time due to Coronavirus, it could yet be cancelled in the coming months.

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Author: Samuel Gill