BDO Chairman Des Jacklin has released an open letter after his first Lakeside in his new position.

Jacklin said that the prize money for the female competitors at the Lakeside will be discussed; as well as that that he will engage in meetings over the coming weeks regarding venues for this year’s events.
‘I have thoroughly enjoyed the ups and downs of the entire tournament and feel that the positives far outweigh the negatives.
‘I can assure you all that all negatives will be addressed, in particular the ladies prize monies and their current playing format.
He added: ‘I had a great a team behind me this year and that was evident immediately with social media going into overdrive from day one.
‘At this point I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who played their part in making our flagship event a runaway success, ‘thank guys’.
‘And so back to the job a hand; already I am in several meetings over the next 3 weeks as we need to finalise the future venue contracts for our upcoming televised events.
‘Stay tuned folks because February is going to be one of the most important months of the year and the decisions we make will hopefully put us back into the commanding position we were in 20 years ago and should impress the most cynical of critics!”

Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics

Photo: Chris Sargeant/Tip Top Pics

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Author: Samuel Gill