The BDO world rankings have been updated, and it has led to unrest in some quarters.

Rankings in the men’s and women’s game have been affected this week by BDO World Trophy points coming off. Among those impacted is Jim Williams, who drops to third in the men’s rolling table. Richard Veenstra sits top, with Wesley Harms narrowly behind him. Lisa Ashton, meanwhile, extends her lead atop the women’s rankings.
World Trophy points aren’t the only ones to come off. The Bruges Open moving to September means that points earners from the May 2018 edition now see those points coming off.
Welsh ace Williams was clearly unhappy with the news. He took to Facebook to voice his displeasure, suggesting a slight against him by the BDO.
“So my prize for being top of the rankings has come through,” he opened, sarcastically.
“World Trophy points taken off without being able to defend them!”
Williams went on to say: “That’s 129 (ranking) points and not a thing I can do about it. Really gonna struggle to make grand slam once my ‘because your name starts with a J’ points come off!!!”

BDO Ranking (update May 29)

RankPlayerRanking Points
1Richard Veenstra371
2Wesley Harms367
3Jim Williams351
4Michael Unterbuchner322
5Dave Parletti315
6Glen Durrant (moved to the PDC)312
7Scott Mitchell309
8Willem Mandigers283
9Mark McGeeney (moved to the PDC)271
10Gary Robson267
11Wayne Warren261
12Scott Waites246
13Martijn Kleermaker244
14Ross Montgomery235
15Ryan Hogarth217
16Nick Kenny215
17Mario Vandenbogaerde213
18Chris Landman208
19Kyle McKinstry206
20Adam Smith-Neale197
21Andy Hamilton194
22Paul Hogan193
23Scott Baker (moved to the PDC)189
24Wes Newton182
25Wouter Vaes177
26Martin Adams176
27Tony O’Shea168
28 Conan Whitehead (moved to the PDC)162
=Daniel Day162
30Justin Thompson158
31Aaron Turner154
32John Scott151
33Sebastian Steyer150
34Jeffrey van Egdom149
35Mark Layton147
36Martin Phillips144
37Derk Telnekes143
=Jeffrey Sparidaans143
39Craig Venman142
40Adam Mould136
41Francis Carragher132
=Gino Vos132
43Dean Reynolds130
=Simon Stainton130
45Nick Fullwell128
46Roger Janssen126
47Gary Stafford120
48Dave Evans116
49James Hurrell114
=Paul Brown114
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Author: Ed McCosh