The BDO were set for liquidation last Thursday but with it yet to be confirmed, the organisation in a recent statement to BICC players said that the facts will be released next Monday.

BDO Chairman, Des Jacklin said the following regarding the liquidation: “None of what you have heard on Social Media from anyone else other than the BDO Board is correct, and that none of this insolvency is what it seems.”

This comes in a full statement which can be read (below) which details why leaving the organisation will be a mistake; as well as that they have apparently only received letters from two counties about switching allegiances.

The reasons given by the organisation for it being a mistake include them losing their stake within the BDO; the county if the BDO will get in will get put into a lower division; as well as a rejoining fee with no stake will need to be paid.

Facing the Tri-Nations and UKDA in the vote on the 30th August; the BDO believe they have “50% loyalty” within counties and that anyone leaving is “throwing away 40+ years of history” if they vote against them.


Author: Samuel Gill