Some of the top performers from the first round meet in the evening session on day five of the BDO World Championship.

Defending Lakeside champion Glen Durrant opens the session, taking on veteran Darryl Fitton at about 7pm. Following that tie, two players in top form meet, as Willem Mandigers clashes with Wayne Warren. Two-time world champion Scott Waites’ meeting with Dean Reynolds rounds off the night.

Glen Durrant vs Darryl Fitton

Darryl Fitton has won all seven of his Lakeside second round matches. Job done, right? The only problem is that he’s taking on Glen Durrant this time. The top seed was not at his best against Gary Robson, and still averaged 95. His best is a level that very few players in this competition could match. Fitton admitted that he was tired after his victory against Justin Thompson, and is still plagued with shoulder issues. The 16th seed’s inconsistency allowed a clearly inferior player back into the game. All it will do for Durrant is give him a clearer path to victory. That said, Fitton did muster up a classy 170 checkout, so the magic’s clearly still there.

Willem Mandigers vs Wayne Warren

Relative to their status, no player put in a better first round performance than Wayne Warren. The 55-year-old, on debut, was exceptional in a shock win over the talented seventh seed Wesley Harms. A 95 average – thanks to a 109 average in the last set – shows not only class but real bottle. He takes on a very cool customer in Willem Mandigers. Nick Kenny was touted as a potential banana skin, but the Dutchman breezed to a 3-0 win. This next Welshman will be much less of a pushover.

Dean Reynolds vs Scott Waites

It feels like the Lakeside seeding system is a bit flawed when Dean Reynolds is the 12th seed, and Scott Waites is the unseeded underdog. Not many of the remaining players can claim to have Waites’ ability and, thanks to Martin Adams going out in the first round, none can claim to have multiple world titles. Waites brushed aside Ross Montgomery, who may have an atrocious Lakeside record but was still the fifth seed. The 11-darter to seal the victory, in the fifth leg of the fourth set, showed how much class Waites has when the heat is on. Perhaps heat is what Reynolds needs. Chris Harris, averaging 76, was a tame opponent. But Reynolds could only average 81. Where the Welshman showed his talent was on the doubles – a 59 per cent success rate would be considered excellent by any player in the world. He will need to combine that with scoring power against Waites if he wants to reach his first Lakeside quarter-final.


Author: Edward McCosh