The BDO World Championship will take place in January at the Indigo at the O2, a venue change for 2020 from their old home of Lakeside.

Ticket sales so far for the World Championship, their showpiece event; haven’t been the best for the event but the new count shows this trend somewhat continuing with only 9 percent of the tickets sold which is an issue.

For certain sessions they are doing better than others compared to the last count; this includes 21 percent for the first day and 20 percent for the Saturday.

For other sessions though including Tuesday afternoon and evening and Wednesday afternoon and evening they have only sold between 2-4 percent of tickets.

Only one all week pass has been sold meaning overall out of the 22,638 seats up for grabs; only 1,963 of them so far have been told.

Credit: Addicks Fan on TSOD for the data


Author: Samuel Gill