Leighton Bennett moved into the semi-finals of the men’s event at the BDO German Open in Wunderland Kalkar. The Lakeside Youth Champion edged out Nick Kenny with a superb 112 checkout in the leg-decider.

Bennett also beat Dave Parletti and Dutch prospect Justin van Tergouw en route to the last four. ‘Boom Boom’ meets Mario Vandenbogaerde in his next match, as he defeated Richard Veenstra and Chris Landman. Florian Hempel and Martijn Kleermaker are the other two semi-finalists.
The final line-ups for the ladies and boys event are confirmed already. Defending champion Aileen de Graaf reached the final after defeating Anastasia Dobromyslova and she will face Fallon Sherrock, as she overcame Lisa Ashton. Oliver Pieper and Owen Roelofs will contest in the boys final.
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Last 32
Richard Veenstra 4-1 Kay Smeets
Mario Vandenbogaerde 4-1 Sebastian Pohl
Chris Landman 4-2 Jeffrey Sparidaans
Andrew Beeton 4-3 Danny van Klompenburg
Leighton Bennett 4-1 Gary Stafford
Justin van Tergouw 4-1 Darryl Fitton
Nick Kenny 4-1 Kevin Wensink
Gary Robson 4-0 Wesley Plaisier
Michael Warburton 1-4 Bjarne Iversen
Danny Tessman 3-4 Adam Smith Neale
Jitse van der Wal 4-1 Niels Jorgen Hansen
Marko Puls 1-4 Florian Hempel
John Scott 4-0 Aaron Rahlfs
Ross Montgomery 3-4 Bent Otto
Martijn Kleermaker 4-2 Brian Woods
Roemer Mooijman 0-4 Cody Harris
Last 16
Richard Veenstra 2-4 Mario Vandenbogaerde
Chris Landman 4-0 Andrew Beeton
Leighton Bennett 4-2 Justin van Tergouw
Nick Kenny 4-3 Gary Robson
Bjarne Iversen 3-4 Adam Smith Neale
Jitse van der Wal 1-4 Florian Hempel
John Scott 4-3 Bent Otto
Martijn Kleermaker 4-3 Cody Harris
Mario Vandenbogaerde 5-2 Chris Landman
Leighton Bennett 5-4 Nick Kenny
Adam Smith Neale 4-5 Florian Hempel
John Scott 3-5 Martijn Kleermaker
Mario Vandenbogaerde v Leighton Bennett
Florian Hempel v Martijn Kleermaker


Lisa Ashton 4-1 Maria O’Brien
Fallon Sherrock 4-0 Deta Hedman
Lorraine Winstanley 2-4 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Sharon Prins 0-4 Aileen de Graaf
Lisa Ashton 1-4 Fallon Sherrock
Anastasia Dobromyslova 2-4 Aileen de Graaf
Fallon Sherrock v Aileen de Graaf


Oliver Pieper 4-3 Kevin Lasker
Owen Roelofs 4-2 Pim van Bijnen
Oliver Pieper – Owen Roelofs


Author: Pieter