The incident between Vincent van der Voort and Kirk Bevins at the World Matchplay has been finalised after the Dutchman was visibly frustrated after having his throw which ended up being underarm rejected.

Van der Voort himself thought that his throw had been rejected due to stepping over the oche but that was not the case.

He took to Twitter after commenting on the incident post match and said that Bevins in reality was right. He replied and said that he gets why he did it.

“I have not heard what Vincent shouted, immediately after the game it is very noisy because of the music. I saw him pointing and that he was not happy, I understand that too. After all, it involves a lot of pressure and money. He just had to release his frustration at someone and that was me. ”

However, the incident is now closed for Bevins. “Vincent sent his apologies via Twitter and of course I accept them. I think it’s a nice gesture from him.

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Author: Samuel Gill