Stephen Bunting has revealed in a recent interview that he has major doubts about returning to action while Coronavirus still lingers around due to having Type 2 diabetes.

Bunting said that this is especially an issue if they decide to stage events in Germany now they are starting to lift restrictions and that he has been apprehensive to leave the house no mind returning to the tour.

He admits though that this is a battle as players want to return but he has doubts also on how they are going to fit in events.

“It’s tough to see what happens now if the Matchplay goes ahead because I haven’t had the chance to qualify for it as I’m World No.17. The tournaments I would have had to qualify haven’t happened,” said Bunting to Darts World.

“Also when we get back to full speed, how are they going to fit all these tournaments in? They are probably going to have to do five Pro Tours a week. ”

“But is it safer for us to go over to Germany and play because restrictions have been lifted over there. I’m not being funny but I’ve got Type 2 diabetes, I don’t want to be getting on a plane with loads of other people. There’s a lot of things to sort.”

“There’s a huge death rate with this disease for those who have diabetes. I am more susceptible to death than most. The figures are there to show that. That’s why I’ve been more scared to leave the house because you just don’t know.“

“At the same time, we want to get back playing again. It’s a really hard situation.”

PDC Home Tour

He also spoke about shifting parts of his house in order to accommodate the PDC Home Tour which he is competing in on Wednesday night.

“The board was downstairs just as you come in the front door. But over the last few days I’ve been moving stuff around.

“I’ve got a three storey house so I’ve now put my son Toby on the top floor. My practice board is now in his old bedroom. It’s a lot more secure.“

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill