Corey Cadby has spoken after finally getting his visa which will allow him to return to the PDC Tour.

Cadby has called the last 12 months difficult but that he can’t wait to get started.
He admitted he has made mistakes but is going it now for his kids.
Cadby will return at the Players Championship events on April 6/7.
“It was an amazing feeling when I got my Visa, it’s probably the most important day of my career,” said Cadby.
“The delays in the application process have made it a very difficult 12 months and I’ve been suffering with stress and depression, but now I’ve turned the corner and the future is looking bright.
“I’ve made mistakes in the past but now is the time for me to start a new life for me and my kids, which is who I’m doing it for.
“Not having professional darts in my life has been a real struggle for me and now I can see where my life is going, I can’t wait to get started.
“I’d like to thank my manager Mac Elkin, my sponsors and everyone at the PDC for their help during this difficult time.”

Emma Morley/DPA

Photo: Emma Morley/DPA


Author: Samuel Gill