We recently caught up with two of the qualifiers for the Grand Slam taking place in a few weeks, Cameron Menzies and Peter Machin and here is the second part of the Menzies interview where we speak about mainly his Grand Slam appearance shortly and his future ambitions. You can read the first part here.

To continue on we asked Cameron about the Grand Slam and if he’s looking forward to it and also about a potential future switch to the PDC if all goes well.

“Grand Slam was never thought about till after the Winmau. I believed I didn’t get in. So it was a great surprise. I think everyone would consider the switch, it’s whether it’s the right time or not for me. Job, house and family all to think about.”

Next we spoke about Cameron making his Lakeside debut as a seed and also asked about whether he thinks this indicates how good his form is this year and he had this response :
“At Lakeside I don’t think the seeding make much different when u see the depth of people who aren’t seeds. Robson Adams and Fitton I think are the other side of the seedlings. And we know they do ok. I had a good run at the last 4 or 5 tournaments which shot me right up rankings. I think anyone could win lakeside it’s happened over the years. So we never know who might this year”.

David Gill/BDO Darts

Finally to end off the interview we asked him about his future ambitions in darts and whether he had tips for anyone coming up in the game.

“I would love to win a major. Take it more serious and to get good enough to go professional. Practise, but don’t just throw always try and push yourself. Play games and always try and better your score, Or your best leg. A hour of concentration and pushing yourself is better than 3 hours just throwing I think. And also enjoy it. Nothing worse when u stop enjoying darts”.

Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill