Dave Chisnall won the twelfth PDC title of his career on Sunday after defeating Richard North 6-5 in the final of Players Championship 18.
The 36-year-old from St. Helens lost in two finals this year, but finally claimed another victory after breaking his English opponent in the final leg of the game.
“I’m playing good darts at the moment and if my doubles go in, I’m dangerous,” said Chisnall after his game to PDC.TV. “My doubles were going in and that’s what lets me down most, so it was nice.
“I said last week in Blackpool that I was looking forward to Barnsley, that I was going to win one this weekend and I’ve just done it, so happy days.
Of the final, Chisnall added: “Richard was hitting the maximums, he played well and he was unlucky. In the last leg he had a bad leg and I was decent – I sneaked it.”

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Author: Pieter