Dave Chisnall will take part in the PDC Home Tour on Friday night in a tough line-up which includes Darren Webster, Geert Nentjes and Damon Heta and for the St Helens ace, he is looking forward to returning to full action but is still putting the hours in during practice.

“I usually just practice more as the tournaments come up. But now I’m at the board every day. I’ve knocked in a few 100 averages online,” said Chisnall to DartsWorld.

“Whatever happens in darts happens. It’s not just how you play, it’s how the other person plays as well. It’s hard but I’ve got a few goals when I get back. To be fair I am looking forward to getting back to playing tournaments. It will hopefully show how well I’ve been practising in the events.”

Ditching glasses when returning to action

For Chisnall one major issue has been corrected and that is wearing glasses. The 39-year-old started the year wearing them due to his eyesight but at least for the time being he has ditched them.

“I started the year quite well but I had to play with glasses in a couple of games and I wasn’t very good with them on. I don’t wear them now,” he continued.

“My biggest problem was that when I was playing on stage, my glasses kept steaming up. I took them off halfway through one game and I came back from seven-nil down to nine-all.”

“You lose all concentration when you are playing, worrying about your glasses steaming up.”

“Without the glasses I can still see trebles and doubles but it’s when they go in the corner, I don’t know whether it’s in or not. I have to keep asking the ref and I don’t like doing that, it breaks my rhythm. Now I just throw the darts, if it’s in, it’s in. I’ve actually celebrated a 180 and got to the board and realised it wasn’t in after all!”

“I’ve tried contact lenses but I got bloodshot eyes. I’d have to take time off darts to have laser treatment and I don’t want to do that.”

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

Photo: Lawrence Lustig/PDC


Author: Samuel Gill