Dave Chisnall moved through to the Quarter-Finals of the 2020 Masters but with one notable difference to the St Helens ace.

Chisnall was using glasses for the first time in his win over Daryl Gurney and despite not being enamoured with them, he is willing to give it a go.

He also said that there are some issues in his throw but it is something he can correct and change.

“It was hard but I’m feeling good and did a job tonight,” said Chisnall.  “I kept getting two or three legs in front and Daryl kept coming back at me, and it was a game that could’ve gone either way.

“I’ve got the new glasses and I can see a little bit better but it was tough – it wasn’t the glasses annoying me, I’m getting headaches because I’m still getting used to them.

“I’m also throwing from a little bit lower and I was flicking the dart a little bit, but I’ll keep working on my game.”

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Author: Samuel Gill