Dartsnews.com recently had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Quantock a recent Tour Card winner and a player who is really starting to make a name for himself in the world of PDC darts, with sponsorship’s from both Target and Dunvegan Darts which also includes the likes of Gary Anderson, Adam Hunt and Ian White, the future looks bright for Quantock! The second part will be out very soon!
Dartsnews : Thanks for taking time out to talk to me Chris, can you first of all tell the readers how you got into darts?
Chris : Well I first got into darts because of my dad (John), he played on the tour for a number of years. Then I decided one year that I wanted to give it ago at Q-school and went on to play on the Challenge Tour that year.
Dartsnews : You won your tour card out of the usual huge field at Q-School at Wigan, how was this experience and how would you sum up your first year on the tour so far?
Chris : The experience is amazing, it gives you the urge to want to play more darts, make you realise what you can do.
This year: Brilliant so far, I’ve done better then I expected I ever would but I’m happy with how my games improving and I’m just going to keep plugging away and not get ahead of myself.
Dartsnews : Also you have qualified for the UK Open and a few of the Euro Tour events streamed online, how valuable have these experiences been for you in only your first full year on the tour?
Chris : All experience is valuable regardless, and playing on the stage in front of thousands of people is great, it makes you want more and more. Hopefully I can go better next year and use this experience gained so far.

Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts

Photo: Pieter Verbeek/PV-Darts


Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com
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Author: Samuel Gill