The action in the German Super League goes into its final day of Group A before the playoffs with Gabriel Clemens and Steffen Siepmann likely already through.

Clemens of course coming into the competition could be seen as the standout and he has lived up to that moniker. Victories over Kai Gotthardt and Kevin Munch added to his points tally with his first defeat coming against Siepmann.

Despite that, he is on 18 points; which is two ahead of Siepmann and six away from Michael Unterbuchner in third meaning his spot is all but secured.

For Siepmann, he also virtually secured his spot on a day where he claimed wins in all four of his matches. This sees him now on 16 points.

As well as Unterbuchner, Kevin Munch currently rounds off the playoff spots but a big day awaits with Kai Gotthardt and Sascha Stein level on points.

As well as Christian Bunse only being two behind, a lot still got confirm despite the prowess of the top two.

Sixteen participants are divided into two groups. Spread over four match days, a player from a specific group will play twice against the other players from his group. This means that everyone will play fourteen group matches. The top four of each group will advance to the quarter-finals. These will be played just like the semi-finals and the final on Sunday June 14. The winner of this event will receive an invitation to the World Championship.

Maik Langendorf, Rene Eidams, Karsten Koch, Nico Kurz, Thomas Köhnlein, Dragutin Horvat, Daniel Klose and Manfred Bilderl are the players in the other group.

Day Three

Sascha Stein 1-6 Kevin Münch
Christian Bunse 6-1 Jens Kniest
Gabriel Clemens 4-6 Steffen Siepmann
Michael Unterbuchner 6-4 Kai Gotthardt
Sascha Stein 4-6 Christian Bunse
Steffen Siepmann 6-1 Jens Kniest
Kevin Münch 3-6 Michael Unterbuchner
Kai Gotthardt 4-6 Gabriel Clemens
Christian Bunse 4-6 Steffen Siepmann
Michael Unterbuchner 6-1 Sascha Stein
Jens Kniest 3-6 Kai Gotthardt
Gabriel Clemens 6-5 Kevin Münch
Michael Unterbuchner 3-6 Christian Bunse
Kai Gotthardt 4-6 Steffen Siepmann

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Author: Samuel Gill