The latest Players Championship double header took place this past weekend with Krzysztof Ratajski and James Wade claiming victory in Wigan, now the top averages for the weekend have been revealed.

Gabriel Clemens topped the standings with a brilliant 111.10; Joe Cullen was second with 110.71. Dimitri van den Bergh rounded out the top three with 110.55 meaning the whole of the top 3 was 110+.

This shows the standard that is currently on display on the Players Championship series with every average barring one in the 105+ range.

Also with Ratajski only appearing once in the list and Wade not at all; it shows though that you do not have to hit the high averages to win titles. For the likes of Ron Meulenkamp and Jose de Sousa, it certainly helped though with both having brilliant weekends.

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Author: Samuel Gill