Conan Whitehead regained his Tour Card at this past weekend’s PDC UK Q-School but endured a tough wait in doing so finishing in the last spot on the PDC Q-School Order of Merit.

Whitehead spoke to after this calling it a huge relief as he was always planning to return to the PDC anyway even before the restrictions.
‘A relief to be honest as I always planned to return to the PDC after I left. I knew I was playing well enough but also knew Q-School would be hard so it was a huge relief and I was ecstatic once I found out I had secured a card.’ said the Gillingham ace.
Toughness of Q-School
On whether Q-School was tougher than last time out when he gained his tour card, Whitehead said that the reduced amount of Tour Cards on offer made it tougher in what is a hard few days.
‘The only thing that made this tougher from the last one is that there were only 11 tour cards available outside the outright winners. Other than that it is a very tough and gruelling 4 days either way. My arms killing me.’
Start of the Pro Tour season
The Pro Tour season kicks off in a few weeks time and Conan spoke about this saying that he cannot wait for it all to begin and that ambitions wise he is just hoping to retain his Tour Card.
I can’t wait for this year to start now. I’m excited more than nervous now. As for ambitions I will take each game as it comes I am not looking too far ahead of myself other than hoping to get into top 64 by next year to retain my tour card.
Like alluded to, Whitehead had to wait until very late on the final day in order to secure his Tour Card and on his nerves as a result of this he said he was nervous but it was a relief when it was confirmed.
‘My nerves whilst I was playing were not too bad but you are always thinking about what you need to do in the back of your mind. Once Nathan beat me I was very calm right up to the last few games of the day. It actually came down to semi final game that’s how tight it was. So that was the most nervous point of the day. But what a relief once my name turned green.’
Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for

Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill