Corey Cadby will be a welcome addition to this week’s Melbourne Darts Masters.

Some love him, some loathe him, but all darts fans take notice when the King is on the stage. Cadby reached the UK Open final earlier this year, losing to Gary Anderson. The Australian revealed that Anderson is one of his most prominent backers. So too is Phil Taylor, who Cadby infamously clashed with in Auckland last year. The support will provide a big ego boost ahead of his return to televised PDC darts at the Melbourne Darts Masters.

“To have Phil and Gary on my side, my confidence just lifts higher and higher and they are such good blokes,” Cadby told Live Darts.
“They’re also legends of the game, what would darts be without Phil and Gary?”
“Gary and I definitely won’t get along on stage but I’m so aggressive and we both want to win. We’re not here to lose. But they are good people and it’s great for me to have them on my side. I’ve had advice from both of them which is nice.”
Cadby’s attitude has come into question since he burst onto the PDC scene. While he admits that he can be “aggressive”, the 23-year-old doesn’t feel a need to change his oche conduct.
“Yes I am an aggressive player. It’s not just a game of darts, it’s the adrenaline, the walk-on. That’s just me, I’m not changing,” he said.
“I’ve really sat down and thought about it, I try to calm it down but that’s not me, I am what I am and if people don’t like it, don’t watch it.”
Cadby is far from the only player to be exuberant on the stage – a fact he pointed out.
“Michael van Gerwen does it. If that works for him, that’s cool. But this is what I do.
“I’m as good as what my darts produce. I believe that I can be the best but at the end of the day it’s however the darts go on the day.”
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Author: Ed McCosh