Rob Cross claimed a maiden World Series victory at the Brisbane Darts Masters and believes it will kick start the rest of the year.

Cross sees the win in Brisbane as massive as for him he believes he is still learning and progressing.

“It’s been fantastic this week, I started a bit slow but I knew what I had to do and that was take my chances,” said Cross.

“Everything will fall in place and I am a big believer in that but I am still learning I am still progressing and to get another win tonight is massive.

“To win anything these days is special because the field’s so strong,” added the world number three.

“This is a kickstart for the rest of the year and we will look to September and promising things there.”

Cross also spoke of his respect for his opponent after their clash.

“He’s the best player in the world, we all chase him. I still believe I’m a beginner, so he will be the one I am chasing anyway.”

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Author: Samuel Gill