Rob Cross will make his Champions League of Darts debut this upcoming weekend in Brighton and has said he is feeling nice and refreshed ahead of that.

He also said he may have to pick and choose from next year; and be more selective so he doesn’t burn himself out.

“It’s the best out of the lot, it’s 15 minutes from my house”, joked Cross. 

“Nice and refreshed for this one and I’m really looking forward to it”, Cross continued. “I feel good, I’ve got a practice regime back and I’m quietly confident.”

On going back to his old self, Cross said that those times might have now gone for him. “In fairness maybe those days of last year are gone because the timing ain’t there.”

“It’s about getting the new regime right. Next year maybe if i have to take a couple of weekends off or whatever we will have to do that instead of doing what I did this year and keep going and burn myself out.”

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Author: Samuel Gill