Rob Cross was of course the sensation of the season last year. ‘Voltage’ did not have a position on the world rankings at the beginning of 2017, but is now in third place.

That while the PDC Order of Merit is based on performance in the past two years. This shows once more what performance Cross has delivered in his debut year on the PDC circuit. Within one year the reigning world champion won more prize money than players like Gary Anderson, Daryl Gurney, Raymond van Barneveld and Dave Chisnall within two years.

This year, Corey Cadby is the player with the most chances to make the biggest increase on the world rankings. The comparison may not be entirely fair, as the Australian has already made a name for itself over the past seasons through various tournaments.

Nevertheless, is going to compare the performance of these two world class players to see who impresses the most in the first season as Tour Card holder. In this section we build several measuring points to see who has earned the most prize money at that moment.

Rob Cross vs. Corey Cadby after 8/48 tournaments

Lawrence Lustig/PDC

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After eight tournaments, Cadby has got almost three times as many pounds as the 27-year-old Englishman. Cross took 6250 pounds of prize money on the six UK Open Qualifiers, the 22-year-old Tasmanian a whopping 13,000 pounds. Cadby also won a title at his fifth Pro Tour participation, while ‘Voltage’ succeeded in his ninth tournament.

The performance of Cadby on the first two Players Championships is also more impressive. The former youth world champion earned 6500 pounds last weekend, Cross won a thousand pounds during the same weekend in 2017. The counter with the reigning world champion stood at 7250 pounds after six tournaments. Cadby has already collected 19,500 pounds during this period.

Incidentally, there is still a comparison between the performance of both players. They did not participate in the first two European Tour tournaments. Cross did not qualify last year. Cadby let the qualifiers pass by, as he is getting married in Australia at the time of the first Euro Tour event.

Tournament Result Cadby Result Cross
UK Open Qualifier 1 £750 (L32) £250 (L64)
UK Open Qualifier 2 £0 (L256) £250 (L64)
UK Open Qualifier 3 £250 (L64) £1500 (L16)
UK Open Qualifier 4 £0 (L128) £1500 (L16)
UK Open Qualifier 5 £10,000 (Winner) £2500 (SF)
UK Open Qualifier 6 £2000 (QF) £250 (L64)
Players Championship 1 £500 (L64) £0 (L128)
Players Championship 2 £6000 (Final) £1000 (L32)
Total £19,500 £7250


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Author: Samuel Gill