Dan Dawson is a name familiar to those who watch the Players Championship and European Tour regularly and he has turned into the face of the PDC Home Tour during lockdown.

Dawson caught up recently with The Weekly Dartscast to speak about the success of the PDC Home Tour and he believes that it has spurned from the fact there is opportunities for all to play and that these players have emerged as a result.

“The Home Tour could have been 10 big name players and they’ve all got great setups that are all sent to them by the PDC, fabulous internet connections and they play each other over and over again night after night but that wasn’t what it was about, it was about getting as many players involved,” said Dawson.

“It’s not just a cartel or closed shop for the big names. That’s how we’ve had people like Luke Woodhouse, Geert Nentjes and Ryan Murray come through. Nobody I don’t think if you just wanted a load of big names playing, I’m not sure many would put Jose de Sousa in there.

I think the plurality of it has been one of it’s strengths even if it has been a technical issues on some nights.”

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Author: Samuel Gill