Two of the women at the heart of the walk-on girl controversy in the PDC have spoken out.

It has been a tradition in PDC majors for a model to accompany players onto the stage. But it has been decided by the governing body to remove them from televised events. This has caused an almighty debate among darts fans. Many claim that the move is correct, and that showcasing models during a player’s walk-on is an outdated fad. Michael van Gerwen is among those backing the move. But Raymond van Barneveld yesterday shared a petition to reverse the decision. A large section of fans claim that there is no justification to remove a traditional feature of the modern game. Some have claimed that denying walk-on girls the chance to earn a living in darts is in itself sexist.
Two of the most prominent walk-on girls in the PDC have weighed in on the debate. Daniella Allfree and Charlotte Wood have both argued against the decision. Allfree, 30, said: “It’s a shame this vocal minority have ended our job, like they’re doing us a favour.”
Wood added:”I think the world has gone mad. I feel like the decision has been linked to the fallout from the Dorchester scandal. It’s a sad day for darts.”
The scandal Wood is referring to is the recent Financial Times expose on the Presidents Club dinner. It was alleged that hostesses were harassed during the fundraiser at the Dorchester Hotel in London.
The debate will rage on, but it is unlikely to force any change of heart. The PDC has made the decision with the backing of TV companies. Sky bosses informed the PDC that they would like to see walk-on girls removed. The BBC have not featured models in the two years in which they have shown the Champions League of Darts. And ITV have confirmed the decision has their full backing.

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Author: Ed McCosh