Danny Lauby claimed victory in the CDC Continental Cup in New York this past weekend with him defeating Gary Mawson 8-2 in the final.

The tournament which was organised by the CDC who have a link-up with the PDC saw Lauby also secure his place already for the World Series event and North American Championship next year.

He was too strong for Timmy Nicoll, Joe Chaney and Kiley Edmunds en route. Mawson himself came through a tough route defeating Leonard Gates, Joe Huffman and Jim Long.

Well known names John Part and Larry Butler both went out in the Last 16 in New York as they both aimed to return to the big stage themselves.

2019 CDC Continental Cup

Kiley Edmunds 6-5 Matt Campbell
Danny Lauby 6-2 Joe Chaney
Gary Mawson 6-1 Joe Huffman
Jim Long 6-1 Joe Beecroft

Danny Lauby 7-2 Kiley Edmunds
Gary Mawson 7-5 Jim Long

Danny Lauby 8-2 Gary Mawson

Author: Samuel Gill