Daryl Gurney and Gerwyn Price landed themselves in hot water two months ago in Sheffield.

Meeting in a crunch Premier League Darts tie, the pair played out a tense 7-7 draw. After landing double 16 to earn his point, Gurney prompted a shoving match with Price, angrily gesturing towards the Welshman before exchanging harsh words on stage.

Two months on from the hot-tempered tussle, the Northern Irishman still has no idea what the ramifications will be.

Price – who, at the time, was at risk of triggering a suspended ban from darts – will not face further sanctions. Gurney could yet do, but a meeting to lay down the law hasn’t yet been held.

“We were supposed to go and have a meeting, but they wanted me to go the day before the World Cup started.

“I couldn’t go so that was cancelled and I think there’s been a meeting but we haven’t been involved because we’ve been that busy we couldn’t be there,” Gurney told the Metro.

Gurney has since played in the World Cup, two European Tour events, two Pro Tour tournaments, the US Darts Masters and the German Darts Masters – all without learning his fate.

“I think there’s been some kind of meeting and there is going to be a decision from there.”

Taking charge

The DRA tend to reveal fines in bulk, sometimes months after some of the incidents in question. Gurney, already under pressure to succeed in order to defend a significant amount of ranking money, must also contend with potentially forfeiting later winnings for a fine.

The 33-year-old is determined to push through a conclusion as soon as possible.

“I still haven’t heard anything, but I’ll be putting a rush on because when people getting fined, they seem to wait six months, but I’m not waiting six months if they decide to fine me, because then we’ll be on the mouth of the World Championship,” said Gurney.

“So I’ll be pushing them for a decision sooner rather than later.

“It’s not just the money, but obviously you have to pay for that fine and if you’re in a hectic month and you think, “I’ve got to pay an extra £2k here, I need to get winning to pay for it!”

“That’s why I don’t want them to come to a decision in six months time at the World Championships, if I can get it done in the next month or two, I’ll be happy.”

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Author: Ed McCosh