Dartsnews.com recently had the opportunity to speak to Dawson Murschell ahead of his upcoming move to the UK to play darts full time. ‘Awesome Dawson’ is known for defeating James Wade at this years’ US Masters and has played on the Development and Challenge Tour for some time now coming over here regularly and in this first part we speak about him getting into darts, Canadian Darts, his nickname and also his win over Wade. Part 2 out very soon!

First of all we spoke about how Dawson got into darts growing up and how he isolated himself to progress to where he is today

“I had family that played and they talked me into coming to a local youth league. I was bullied a lot in school when people found out I joined a darts league because darts isn’t very common in Canada. So the dart players in my area became like a second family and I isolated myself with darts. Just kept progressing and progressing and got to where I am today.”

We then spoke about Canadian Darts and the likes of John Part and Jeff Smith and whether or not they inspired him and also whether he is looking to make a similar mark they have made.

“I’ve definitely been inspired by the top Canadian players. I’m looking to make my own mark on the darts scene and become the next big thing.”

Furthermore we spoke about Murschell’s ‘Awesome Dawson’ nickname and how it came to be.

“A lot of people started calling my Awesome Dawson because it had a certain ring to it. Plus, I say awesome quite a bit so it fit naturally”

Finally to end part 1 we spoke about Dawson’s TV debut, a win over James Wade a former multiple time major champion and also about the US Masters returning to the states and whether it will help with growth of darts over there.

4. It was great to get a big win for my TV debut. I wish it had ended more straight forward than it did to put away any doubt that I can perform on TV and against the top players. I am very excited to see PDC darts return to the US. And it’s exactly what is needed to grow the game in North America. Especially with Las Vegas being the entertainment capital of North America.

Interview conducted by Samuel Gill, writer for Dartsnews.com

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Author: Samuel Gill