Aileen de Graaf is through to a semi-final clash with Lisa Ashton later this evening which will be hotly anticipated due to both players being in brilliant form.

De Graaf saw off Suzuki but had to mount a comeback to do so from 2-0 down but reeled off four straight legs to claim the victory over the reigning World Champion with a 78.87 average to boot.

Also through in the ladies side of the draw is Anastasia Dobromyslova who eased past Maria O’Brien with a 88.13 average and will be back later to face close friend Lorraine Winstanley who defeated Laura Turner in the first tie of the day.

The men’s lineup was also completed with Sebastian Steyer edging past Roger Janssen in a low-quality affair which saw both players average in the late 70’s; before finally Richard Veenstra who will now be favourite for the title edged past Daniel Day who’s run has come to an end in Blackburn.

Sunday afternoon schedule – 2019 BDO World Trophy

Laura Turner (71.31) 0-4 (75.15) Lorraine Winstanley
Lisa Ashton (86.94) 4-2 (75.12) Casey Gallagher
Wesley Harms (88.10) 5-6 (90.33) Mark McGrath
Joe Chaney (86.93) 5-6 (90.95) Jim Williams
Maria O’Brien (72.56) 1-4 (88.13) Anastasia Dobromyslova
Mikuru Suzuki (71.95) 2-4 (78.87) Aileen de Graaf
Roger Janssen (77.49) 4-6 (78.27) Sebastian Steyer
Richard Veenstra (84.81) 6-5 (80.97) Daniel Day

Evert Zomer

Photo: Evert Zomer

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Author: Samuel Gill