Jose de Sousa has garnered cult status with sections of the darting world and is aiming high as his rise continues.

De Sousa hopes to garner similar acclaim to the biggest sportspeople from his home country of Portugal including Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo and hopes to take over when the latter in particular retires as the sporting hero.

“My phone never stops after I win a game, it’s on fire. When I win I become very popular,” said De Sousa to Darts World.

“I would like to think I can be the biggest sportsman in Portugal. Maybe I can have a better body than Ronaldo!”

“I like football so much especially from the time of Figo, Ronaldo and other great players. I never go to the stadium because there are too much people together. But I watch on TV so much,” he continued.

“It is amazing to be mentioned in social media messages by people saying that I’m the Ronaldo of Darts. Maybe even I can be the Special One like Jose Mourinho!”

“I think it is possible one day that Ronaldo will come and watch me play at the Alexandra Palace, I speak with him and he can cheer me on.

“When he has quit in a few years then maybe Portugal sport will be all about Jose De Sousa, I hope so anyway.”


Photo: PDC


Author: Samuel Gill